Safety in Business Means Preventing Technology Incidents, Too

Modern industry is dependent on secure and safe technology without incidents.

“This Department Has Worked ___ Days Without an Accident”

For decades, this message has meant a business has had a successful run and not suffered a “lost time accident.” This is a critical component of keeping both the employees and the company well and moving forward. Modern times have brought on another culprit of lost time, cyber crime. However, just as with physical accidents, these security incidents are best avoided with prevention.

Take for example a manufacturing client FUSE3 had. Recognizing the need to implement safety at the forefront of their technology needs as well as their physical, they interviewed FUSE3 amongst others for the role of becoming their IT service partner. Curiously, they didn’t initially choose FUSE3 but another provider. However it wasn’t long before the FUSE3 phone rang with an urgent request to hire FUSE3. What caused the change of heart? An IT provider offered a smooth sales pitch that fell flat when it came time to deliver. The manufacturing client discovered they were just an invoice and when they needed anti-virus protection, content filtering and on-site support, it wasn’t included in the service, and came at a high fee. Once those extra features were added up, it ended up to be hundreds of additional dollars. FUSE3’s service covers it all, with end-to-end security and support. FUSE3’s professionals say it succinctly, “We don’t have any blank pieces.”

Like all FUSE3 clients, the manufacturing client was pleased to see how much work was focused on prevention during the first 30, 60 and 90 days. FUSE3 recognizes that building a strong relationship with a new client ensures that future problems are prevented. Fears of ransomware and other attacks fell away as FUSE3 put in the time, learning the client’s industry to best defend them. FUSE3 is not interested in responding to problems. Rather, we’re interested in preventing them. 

“We’re not coin operated. We’re relationship oriented.” 

FUSE3 is incentivized to prevent and identify problems up front, rather than react afterwards for several reasons. Most IT companies are response oriented, starting the clock when a problem arises and then billing for every minute. FUSE3’s practice is to prevent these issues ahead of time rather than throwing all of our manpower at a crisis because it wasn’t prevented, then billing additionally for it. 

This manufacturing client definitely found this to be true. They discovered not only was FUSE3 less expensive, we also provided a higher quality service. They referred three businesses in their industry to FUSE3, and shortly after, became clients themselves.

Most of those clients came from bad relationships and long contracts with complacent IT companies. This is one of the many reasons FUSE3 doesn’t push long term contracts. FUSE3 offers one-year only contracts unlike others who demand much longer commitments. FUSE3 believes this model ensures, “We earn their business every time. We work every day knowing that at any time our clients can give us a 30-day notice.”

To learn how you can work with FUSE3 to get your company’s technology safe and secure, get in touch. FUSE3 looks forward to helping businesses keep a long track record of incident free days.

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