Customer Success Story: When Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks requiring bitcoin payments are more common than you think

FUSE3 does not take ransomware attacks lightly. Recently FUSE3 has swiftly and skillfully rescued larger clients with ransomware encryption events. 

While ransomware has struck fear into the business world, and rightfully so, with the hackers asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars simply to get data returned, it shouldn’t end with businesses paying these hackers. When these events have occurred, FUSE3 has assisted these businesses by meeting the attacks head-on. Even though FUSE3’s policy is to engage with their own client base, two large businesses experiencing attacks had a compelling case and FUSE3’s selflessness to help other businesses in need took priority over the company policy of a fixed fee agreement. 

Hacking The Hackers

The FUSE3 approach? You must take action now, once your data is being held ransom, it can’t get any worse. The idea is not to pay the ransom. The last thing businesses should do is give hackers hard-earned money to get the data back. Why? There are two very good reasons. 

First, because the cost is too high when data can be retrieved. Second, the returned data typically has a bug in it that simply allows the hackers a backdoor to demand another ransom within months. It is extremely difficult to ensure the company’s network is clean enough once the data is returned from an untrustworthy attacker. There is likely something latent in the data that can be triggered later on. With both companies’ ransomware encryption events, FUSE3 stayed by the business's side until they were back online.

Taking Action

One business was a public entity and the ransomware attack put them offline for about 45 days. The request was for 6 figures and their IT department was paralyzed with the uncertainty of how to proceed. They were completely unsure if they could successfully reformat and restore data from backup after the attack, and if so, when was the right time to do it. 

While this response is understandable, FUSE3’s experienced professionals jumped in to format the servers and handle all related issues immediately. Within a couple of weeks, the client was re-entering data and able to do essential tasks such as invoicing again, knowing they were securely protected from further attack. Needless to say, this business became a loyal FUSE3 client. In fact, all customers that have approached FUSE3 for ransomware remediation have remained, thankful for FUSE3’s mitigation successes. 

The Time To Act

It is difficult to know when to stop being paralyzed by fear and act when under a ransomware encryption attack. Starting from scratch may be painful but the benefit of not paying large amounts, just to be hit again by a bug after the data is returned, outweighs the inconvenience of restarting. 

FUSE3’s approach to helping our clients take their world back has made all the difference for many businesses. Contact FUSE3 today to discuss how we prevent attacks and how we can help should you be facing one.

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