Employee Spotlight: Aaron Roundtree

Aaron Roundtree is one of FUSE3’s Technicians and a proactive member of our team. He provides quality tech support on managed service tickets, new user setups, and on-site services. Along with this, he also supports our reactive team members. In his tenure with our company, Aaron has become a highly valued team member that we are proud to have.

Aaron’s favorite part of the job is working with his amazing colleagues and being a part of the inclusive, welcoming culture here at FUSE3. He also enjoys solving problems and helping clients succeed. He notes that this is often a shared experience; when he succeeds, the client succeeds, and vice versa.

Best Career Lesson

With so much to learn in IT Services, Aaron enjoys troubleshooting and the result that comes from it.

 “I have learned about the power of persistence,” shares Aaron. “I have also dramatically improved my tier 2 troubleshooting skills for a variety of devices and software since starting at FUSE3, and am working on improving my IP networking skills.”

Fun Facts About Aaron

Early on, Aaron worked as a busboy at a local breakfast restaurant in Hull, MA where he learned many lifelong lessons about commitment, dependability, and work ethic. If he wasn’t an IT professional, he would like to work within the HR field to help build positive cultures that support and empower employees.  He also would like to work in talent management.

If he could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, he would choose Jimi Hendrix. He is fascinated by Jimi’s life and the racial politics he experienced during that time period. Aaron would really like to hear his take on life as a black musician in the Sixties in the U.S. and abroad.

After a long day saving the world one device at a time, Aaron loves to spend time with his wife and two dogs. He also plays drums and enjoys downhill longboarding.  As a New Englander, he is a lifelong Patriots fan and can’t turn down lobster. His favorite place in the world is St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. He enjoys the outdoors and connecting with the world on a more primitive level. 

One thing he can’t live without? Movie theater popcorn with extra butter.

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