Managing Passwords Does Not Have to Be So Difficult!

Do you use sticky notes to write down all of your passwords? Ditch them! Using a password management tool should be your first line of defense against cybersecurity threats. When you choose a new password, you can’t be careless. A weak password such as a family name, initials, or even a simple sequence like ABCD or 123 could put you at risk. Read on to learn all about effectively managing passwords.

Don’t Use the Same Password Twice

Isn’t it easier to use the same password for all your accounts? It is known that every 11 seconds, a business falls victim to ransomware. Cybercriminals have a better chance of success if your password is not secure. Using the same password for all your accounts makes you extremely susceptible to cyber security attacks. If hackers gain access to one password, they can access all your accounts using the same password.

Don’t Use a Simple Password

A simple password may be an easy way to remember and gain access to your accounts, but that also makes you a target for hackers. Attackers are becoming more proficient at getting into accounts because passwords are easily guessable. Are you worried? You should be. Over 90% of passwords are vulnerable to attack!

What Makes A Good Password?

You want to be able to remember all the passwords you create. Unfortunately, simple, easy-to-remember passwords put you in a vulnerable position. Check out these staggering statistics:

  1. 50% of people use the same password for their logins
  2. “123456” is THE most common password worldwide
  3. 51% of people use the same password for both work and personal accounts

Most internet users do not bother creating different login credentials for personal and business accounts. Cybercriminals are looking to steal any information they can get. These people are pros at password hacking and information gathering, so you must be diligent about defending your passwords. 

With an overwhelming 80% of data breaches happening because of poor password security, you need safeguarding now! 

Remember these five easy steps to create a strong password:

Step one. Use numbers. 
Step two. Include characters.
Step three. Avoid actual words or phrases.
Step four. Prioritize password length.
Step five. Interchange uppercase and lowercase letters.

Don’t Want the Hassle? Choose A Password Manager!

Ready to ditch Post-It notes or storing all of your passwords in Google Sheets? A password manager will save you untold hassles! Password Managers are digital vaults encrypted to store secure password login information. 

You can access all your apps and accounts on your devices, keeping your identity, credentials, and data safe. Password managers also help you create and generate strong, unique passwords so that your same passwords are not used in multiple places. Look at these options for password managers:

  1. NordPass
  2. 1Password
  3. RoboForm
  4. Keeper

Utilizing an airtight password management app comes in handy, especially regarding auto-filling forms and syncing all of your data across multiple devices.

Small Business IT Support

FUSE3 has been providing small and medium-sized businesses with IT support and services that help your business achieve more growth and success than ever before. With our Security Awareness Training, you can rest assured that all of your team will manage their passwords wisely!

Have more questions? Concerns? We can help you provide you with the IT support you need!