Helping a Lumber Mill Client “Sharpen the Saw” with Efficient and Cost-Effective IT Management

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By: Justin Carter

In the world of lumber, details often make or break the operation. To modernize and keep organized, a lumber mill and framing company found themselves spread out over multiple services and clouds in order to cover everything they needed to operate. Unfortunately, this was not sustainable for their business model. They needed one service to manage their IT needs, and they needed it fast.

This is where FUSE3 comes in.

Even though they knew their services were scattered, this business didn’t know just how bad it was. Their in-house IT was struggling to keep up with the company’s server demands so outsourcers were recruited to fill in the gaps with Cloud servers.

With the combined costs of their in-house and outsourced services, the client was facing very little return for value. They were desperate for a solution that was cost-effective and worked for them.

One of their first questions for us was, “What would it take for us to get to The Cloud?” Being so spread out across servers had taken its toll. Our answer shocked them, it was so easy.

Down To The Numbers

When this business asked what it would take, they held a preconceived notion that an all-inclusive IT service would cost an astronomical amount. Yet, when we shared our numbers, they couldn’t believe that our services would cost less than everything they were paying for their in-house and outsourced services. This made the decision an easy one.

The benefits of a single IT service provider were not only ease of access, but also a significant reduction in costs. They replaced their multiple contacts with a single account manager who knows their technology inside and out. Their efficiency has soared as a result. What began as a 50 user system grew to 70 users in just a few months as their infrastructure stabilized. A single Cloud hosted on our private servers gives this client access to their data wherever they need it; when they need it. When your industry can take you to the deepest of forests, that access is everything.

We’re Your Droid

If you are spread thin across multiple servers and Clouds, we can help streamline your processes with one reliable system. We’re in the business of supporting your business. With the help of our tech-savvy experts, your company will be able to achieve things greater than before.

Are you ready to learn more about us and what we can do for your business?

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