Customer Success Story

Cloud-based IT solutions can give you piece of mind about your data safety.

Customer Success Story

By: Justin Carter

In January of 2018, the owner of a CPA firm reached out to FUSE3 for a quote.  Their current IT provider had them “on the hook” with a long-term contract and was being overly complacent in their service.  In addition, every request for assistance was met with a “that’s not covered under your contract” reply. However, the proverbial straw was the IT provider’s unresponsiveness, including taking 4 months to provide a quote for additional equipment.

During their initial consultation, FUSE3’s Business Development Manager, Scott Butera, advised the owner that they may want to hold off on implementation until after April 15th. This would impact their business during tax season. In reply, the owner expressed that the threat of losing clients due to a lack of reliable IT was far greater than the financial burden of breaking the contract with their current provider.

Once everything was set up and in play, the owner remarked, “That wasn’t nearly as bad as you said it would be!”

Fast forward to January of the following year. Just as the busy season was back in full swing, the firm’s building caught fire. Along with damaging costs and business disruption, the sprinklers destroyed everything.

Three days is all it took FUSE3 to convert everything to a cloud-based environment for them. Knowing livelihoods were on the line, FUSE3 procured laptops and PCs for all of the firm’s employees and welcomed everyone into their own conference room to work while the damage was repaired in the client’s building. As a result, the firm was able to deliver on time to all of its clients without missing a beat.

A little over three years later, the firm still utilizes its cloud-based model with FUSE3. When the pandemic hit, their employees could work safely remotely while still connected to their peers.

Running a business is hard enough without having to stress about IT services.

With FUSE3, never worry again. Get in touch to see how our experience and knowledge can help your business and take it to the next level.

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