3 Methods for Data Loss Prevention

Data loss can be costly. The best way to avoid that cost is to prevent it from happening up from. But cybercriminals are savvy, so what can you do? You must keep sensitive information from being shared outside your company. 

Data loss prevention is probably overwhelming and hopeless if you’re not a tech expert. But we promise you; it’s not! We’re going to look at three easy methods for data loss prevention (DLP), but first, let’s talk about what DLP is and how it costs businesses.

What is DLP?

According to the Computer Security Resource Center (a US government website), data loss prevention, also known as DLP, is defined as, “A system’s ability to identify, monitor, and protect data in use (e.g. endpoint actions), data in motion (e.g. network actions), and data at rest (e.g. data storage) through deep packet content inspection, contextual security analysis of transaction (attributes of the originator, data object, medium, timing, recipient/destination, etc.), within a centralized management framework.”

DLP is designed to detect hacker activity and prevent cybercriminals from obtaining your data. It’s far less costly to prevent data loss than it is to pay the consequences of a data breach.

Average Cost of a Data Breach

The average cost of data breaches is on the rise. Security Magazine reports that those costs went up 2.6% globally between 2021 and 2022. 

Data breaches in the US are even more costly than in other countries. Some reports estimate that small- to medium-sized businesses pay around $108,000. While that might be pocket change to big Fortune 500 companies, it can be crippling to a small business.

A data breach doesn’t just cost you financially, either. Your company’s reputation is at stake here. If you want to keep customers, you’ve got to protect their data.

3 Ways to Identify and Secure Data

Your business needs to be able to identify and secure data at rest, in use, or in motion. Let’s discuss the three ways you can do that without breaking your IT budget. 

Data Loss Prevention Software

There are many compliance laws that businesses have to follow. Data loss prevention software can help you comply with those laws while keeping you from falling victim to hackers. Today, there are many data loss prevention software available on the market. The products will scan your data using a pre-configured taxonomy and can detect potential data breaches. They even work on cloud applications.

External Backup Systems

External backup systems are remarkable for their storage and portability. They’re one of the more popular options for backing up essential data. Should you lose it or fall victim to ransomware, it’s an easy and affordable way to get your data back quickly. Just know that sometimes they must be formatted to work with your computer. It’s easy to do, though!

Installing an Anti-Malware Application

Speaking of ransomware, the third and most important thing you can do is install an anti-malware application on your computers. This software continually scans your computer and all its files for viruses. If a cybercriminal gets through, the application will remove the virus from your computer. It also works on cloud applications. 

Prevent Data Loss with FUSE3

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